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Image Interpretation
Continuing education for critical care nursing  

An innovative e-learning resource available through the Philips Learning Center

Developed through a partnership between the College of Radiographers and Department of Health’s e-Learning for Healthcare, delivered by the Philips Learning Center.

Offers over 100 interactive sessions covering each adult/pediatric skeletal part in detail. These sessions are written and reviewed by senior practitioners and university lecturers.

Professor Audrey Paterson, Director of Professional Policy of the UK Society and College of Radiographers said ”The Image Interpretation program consists of 100 sessions covering the adult and pediatric musculo-skeletal systems and the adult chest. The College of Radiographers has drawn on the knowledge of a range of academic and clinical experts to develop this world-class e-learning program. It will support a range of clinical practitioners in developing their image interpretation skills, with a view to advising on the initial management of the patient when a formal clinical report may not be immediately available.“

Develop the Skills to:

  • Interpret plain x-rays of the adult and paediatric skeleton
  • Interpret plain x-rays of the adult chest

The Image Interpretation Series CPD Endorsed (CoR) covers a wide range of imaging categories such as:

  • Image Interpretation Adult Skeleton: Introduction
  • Image Interpretation Adult Skeleton: Appendicular Skeleton
  • Image Interpretation Adult Skeleton: Axial Skeleton
  • Image Interpretation Adult Skeleton: Self Evaluation
  • Image Interpretation Adult Skeleton: Plain X-rays Adult Chest
  • Image Interpretation Paediatric Skeleton: Introduction
  • Image Interpretation Paediatric Skeleton: Axial & Appendicular
  • Image Interpretation Paediatric Skeleton: Non-accidental Injury
  • Image Interpretation Paediatric Skeleton: Self Evaluation

For a complete listing of Image interpretation courses in this series and other College of Radiographers CPD Endorsed offerings, be sure to visit our course catalog.

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