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Updated 2021-02-28

The Philips Online Learning Center (OLC) has been decommissioned as of February 28, 2021 and has been replaced by  Philips Learning Connection and Philips Learning Center (PLC)

Read on for more information.

  • Course Catalog can now be found within the Philips Learning Connection. Explore the Global Learning Catalog to learn more about our current learning offerings and to sign up for courses and activities. All new courses are available with an enrollment key, via the PLC.
  • Access to the PLC and Online Courses. To access the learning content on the Philips Learning Center (PLC) you need to register for a personal account using a unique enrollment key provided to you or your organization by a Philips representative or by registering for one of our activities listed in our Global Learning Catalog.
  • Unfinished OLC Courses. Any courses that were left unfinished on the OLC must be restarted, from the beginning, on the PLC. You will need an enrollment key and a new account to access the course on the PLC. If you have not yet received an enrollment key, contact your Philips representative, if you’re a Philips employee, your Training Coordinator.
  • Certifcates. If you need to obtain a certificate for a course you completed on the OLC in the past, contact
  • Service employees. If you are a Philips Service employee, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about the Service Education transition to the PLC.
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