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Blood Flow Through the Heart

In this interactive game, we will test your knowledge on the flow of blood in the heart. You need to arrange the colors on the board to follow the blood flow through the heart starting with the right atrium. Drag the color balls from the panel below the grid and drop them on the placeholders starting from the row at the bottom. The score for each level is indicated on the left of the board.

The Philips Learning Center continues to explore new ways to maximize the use of online learning. Here you will find over 100 free medical games. Test your medical knowledge and skill using a variety of mind stimulating games, quizzes, puzzles and simulations. While you can’t get credit for playing these games (or real money), you can have fun and challenge yourself.

The Philips Learning Center provides CME and CE via online learning activities for nurses, radiologic technologists, sonographers, nuclear medicine/PET technologists, and many other healthcare professionals.

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