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Continuing education for pharmacology nursing  

Nursing Continuing Education Online Pharmacology

The Philips Learning Center offers continuing education geared toward pharmacology for nurses.

For license renewal or professional development, you'll find a range of high quality, accredited and non-accredited nursing courses on pharmacology for nurses.

Our online pharmacology courses offer an easy way to earn continuing education credit and you can study at your own pace at home or at work when time permits.

The online learning center's pharmacology CE courses for nursing contact hours are simple to complete and relevant to your needs. The Philips Learning Center offers introductory courses on dosage calculations to specific courses on cardiovascular medications or on drugs used to manage disorders of the central nervous system.

Our online nursing pharmacology courses include titles such as:

  • Pharmacology - General Principles and Autonomic Drugs
  • Anticonvulsant and Psychotropic Medications
  • Management of Pain and Inflammation
  • Antimicrobials and Endocrine Agents

Online nursing continuing education can help improve job satisfaction, increase confidence and enhance the care you provide to your patients. 

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New Pharmacology Courses for Nurses

TitleCreditsMore Info
Dosage Calculation Review 2.50
ECG Fundamentals & Basic Dysrhythmias: Part 1 Anatomy and Physiology - Nursing 3.50
ECG Fundamentals & Basic Dysrhythmias: Part 2 Rhythms - Nursing 5.00
ECG Fundamentals & Basic Dysrhythmias: Part 3 Treatment & Pharmacologics - Nursing 3.00
Gastrointestinal System - Critical Care 1.50
Hematology: Anatomy & Physiology and Blood Components - Critical Care 1.50
Hematology: Immunity: White Blood Cells - Critical Care 2.00
Hematology: Maintaining Hemostasis and Immune Function - Critical Care 2.00
Mentoring 1.00
Multisystem Failure: Shock - Critical Care 1.50
Multisystem Failure: Shock Class and Treatment - Critical Care 1.50
Neurology: AP and Neurological Assessment - Critical Care 2.00
Neurology: Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries - Critical Care 2.00
Neurology: Disease States and Medication - Critical Care 1.50
Neurology: Strokes - Critical Care 2.00
Patient Education and the Radiologic Technologist 1.00
Preceptors Promote Expert Practice 1.50
Pulmonary: Respiratory Assessment and Airway Management - Critical Care 1.50

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