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Course: Ultrasound Product Training - CE Credit

Module: iE33 Basic System Training Vision 2011 Annotations and Smart Exam

Module Description:
Audience: Sonographers and Echocardiographers
Prerequisites: None
This tutorial discusses the Annotation features of the iE33 as well as the Smart Exam functionality. The Annotations section of this module will discuss workflow concepts, identify Annotation types, location and operation of Annotation controls, and introduce Annotation configuration. The Smart Exam section of this module will define Smart Exam, describe Auto Mode, and explain Protocol Record. After completion of this tutorial, the participant will understand the Annotation and Smart Exam workflow concepts, features, and functionality.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this module, the participant will be able to:
• Define Annotation workflow concepts
• Identify annotations types
• Identify location and operation of Annotation controls
• Introduce Annotation configuration
• Define Smart Exam
• Describe Auto Mode and Protocol Record features of Smart Exam

Author: Philips Clinical Education
About the author: Philips Medical Systems Clinical Education Department provides customized training for users of Philips Medical equipment.