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Course: Nuclear Medicine

Module: Radioactivity

Module Description:
Audience: Nuclear medicine technologists
Prerequisites: None
Skill Level: Introductory to Intermediate
Radioactivity is a fundamental tool of nuclear medicine. Radioactive processes result in the emission of radiation. In nuclear medicine, this radiation is utilized for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. This course is all about radioactivity. It starts with an historical overview of how scientists came to understand the concept of 'atoms'. It explores some of the forces that govern the whereabouts of atomic nuclei, and some basic concepts from nuclear physics. Based on that knowledge it explains why radioactive processes take place, and it presents an overview of frequently occurring forms of radioactive decay. It looks briefly at the production of radionuclides. The course concludes by discussing the clinical applications of some radionuclides.

Learning Objectives
After studying this course, the participant will be able to:
* Outline the historic development of the scientific understanding of atoms
* Discuss the current insight in how atoms are build
* Describe some fundamental forces that govern the subatomic
* Analyze how those forces lead to stable and unstable atomic nuclei
* Describe the scientific notation of atoms
* Understand some basic mathematics of radioactive decay
* Present the different modes of radioactive decay and their outcomes
* Discuss in general terms the interaction of tissue and radiation
* Present two different ways to produce radioactive isotopes
* Understand the basic interaction of radiation and human tissue
* Give an overview of some of the radioisotopes that have clinical application
* Make a comparison of the radiation burden of X-ray procedures and nuclear medicine examinations

Author: Mr. Willem G. van Hoorn
About the author: Willem van Hoorn started his career as a radiologic technologist, later to become a nuclear medicine technologist, in hospitals in the city of Delft, the Netherlands. He also worked for a number of years as chief nuclear medicine technologist in a hospital in Rotterdam. In 1990 he joined the School for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy, in the city of Eindhoven, as teacher of nuclear medicine technology. He largely designed the initial program for nuclear medicine technology of that school and taught for over a decade. Willem has been the Dutch representative in the technologist platform of the EANM, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. In the EANM, he has also served as member of the technologist education subcommittee. For 6 years he has been a member of the editorial board of the Dutch Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Today he works as a teacher and educational advisor at the Eindhoven University of Technology. 

Sponsor and/or Accreditation: American Society of Radiologic Technologists
Credits: 3.00
Price: $60.00
Module Expiration Date:
6/12/2020: 12:00 AM(Eastern Time)
Study Days Available:
6 months

Sponsor and/or Accreditation: International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
Credits: 3.00
Price: $54.00
Module Expiration Date:
6/12/2020: 12:00 AM(Eastern Time)
Study Days Available:
6 months