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Module: Fall-Related Brain Injury in Older Adults: Focus on Prevention

Module Description:
Audience: Select Healthcare Professionals
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: None
It is well known that falls and fall-related injuries are a major problem in older adults. For many years a primary focus has been on the prevention and treatment of hip fractures related to falls. In recent years, however, the increasing incidence of traumatic head injuries (TBI) and the subsequent morbidity and mortality secondary to these falls have been noted. With the aging of the population, traumatic head injuries related to falls have been named “the silent epidemic” by the Center for Disease Control.

This presentation will focus on how health care professionals can contribute to addressing this problem through increasing public awareness of the issue, improving their ability to identify and manage individuals with signs and symptoms of TBI, and through use of evidence-based strategies to reduce fall risks in older adults.

Learning Objectives
* Discuss the prevalence and incidence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) secondary to falls in older adults
* Describe the impact of fall-related TBIs on quality of life, morbidity, and mortality
* Describe age-related changes that increase risk for falls/TBI in older adults
* Describe the types of traumatic brain injuries that may occur secondary to a fall
* Identify common fall related risk factors
* Describe methods of identifying signs/symptoms related to TBI
* Discuss evidence-based interventions in managing older adults following TBI

Philips Healthcare Learning Center (PHLC) is approved as a provider (provider number 6171) for continuing education by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Target Audience: Occupational Therapists. Content Level: Intermediate. Domain of OT: Performance Skills. Occupational Therapy Process: Intervention. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA

Philips Healthcare Learning Center is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 15050, for 2.0 contact hours.

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This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers (#886492219) for Social Work continuing education contact hours.

Author: Dr. Patricia J. Flemming
About the author: Patricia Flemming PT DSc GCS

Dr. Flemming is a Physical Therapist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her current out-patient practice focuses on assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological diagnoses, falls risk and imbalance, and vestibular dysfunction. She has held Board Certification in Geriatric Physical Therapy since 1995 and has completed competency based training in vestibular rehabilitation. Past clinical experiences have included practice in skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and acute care settings. She has presented on topics related to neurological and vestibular rehabilitation with emphasis on falls prevention at many national and local conferences.

Dr. Flemming holds a Doctorate of Science in Geriatric Physical Therapy. Her doctoral clinical research focused on validation of a screening tool for homebound older adults at risk for falls.


Sponsor and/or Accreditation: California Board of Registered Nursing (Nursing Contact Hours)
Credits: 2.00
Price: $0.00
Module Expiration Date:
3/31/2020: 12:00 PM(Eastern Time)
Study Days Available:
4 months and 10 days

Sponsor and/or Accreditation: Florida Board of Nursing (Nursing Contact Hours)
Credits: 1.50
Price: $0.00
Module Expiration Date:
5/21/2020: 12:00 AM(Eastern Time)
Study Days Available:
6 months