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Course: College of Radiographers CPD Endorsed - General

Module: Diabetes Mellitus: An Overview

Module Description: Audience: All healthcare professionals
Prerequisites: None
The author provides a brief overview of important statistics on the incidence and economic impact of diabetes mellitus. Also included is a description of the general features of glucose metabolism as well as the pathogenesis and manifestations of the disease. Three disease categories are distinguished: Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. Disease complications and diagnostic methodologies are also addressed. (Note: Content for this course was originally authored by Joseph Giardullo, MS, RN, and revised by Cheryl Jeffries, RN, MSN.)

Learning Objectives
* Describe general features of glucose metabolism and diabetes mellitus.
* Distinguish the pathogenesis and manifestations of Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes mellitus.
* Describe the diagnostic test for diabetes mellitus.
* Distinguish acute and chronic complications of diabetes mellitus.

Author: Sinclair Community College
About the author: Sinclair Community College has a 30-year history of providing quality instruction in radiologic technology. In addition, the college’s nationally recognized distance-delivered learning activities date back as early as 1979. By fusing quality radiologic technology instruction with a state of the art distance delivery framework, Sinclair offers top-notch, relevant continuing education opportunities.