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Course: Nuclear Medicine

Module: NMT/RT Part 7: Anatomy & Physiology - Renal

Module Description:
Audience: Radiologic technologists and Nuclear Medicine Technologists
Prerequisites: None
This renal course for nurses presents an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the renal system, patient assessment, and common diagnostic procedures for renal evaluation. Course content includes the kidney's role in forming and excreting urine, maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, producing hormones, and regulating acid-base balance.

Note: Do not take this course if you have already taken 'Anatomy and Physiology for NMT/RT: Part 7 - Renal'

Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this program, the health care professional will be able to:
1. Differentiate between the macro and microstructures of the kidney.
2. Describe the role of the kidney in arterial blood pressure regulation.
3. Explain the physiology involved in urine formation, maintaining acid-base, fluid, and electrolyte balances.
4. Identify patient symptoms, treatment, and care issues with fluid and electrolyte imbalances.
5. Discuss the kidney's endocrine functions.
6. Recognize various laboratory tests and identify their strengths for renal evaluation.
7. Explain the patient preparation and care protocols specific to common laboratory and diagnostic procedures.

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Sponsor and/or Accreditation: American Society of Radiologic Technologists Category A+
Credits: 1.00
Price: $20.00
Module Expiration Date:
6/12/2020: 12:00 AM(Eastern Time)
Study Days Available:
6 months