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More Ways to Get Your Continuing Education Credits!

The Online Learning Center is expanding its course offerings and providing you with more ways to earn your continuing education credits from wherever it is convient for you to study at a cost you can afford. Check out some of our new offerings.



Free Case Studies

  • Case Study - Pancreas Adenocarcinoma (0.5 CE)
  • Case Study - Metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer (1 CE)


These learning exercises provide information regarding the specific disease. By reviewing the medical history and test results of several diagnostic modalities, the characteristics of this pathology are examined.

* These courses can be found under "On Sale Today" in the Course Catalog. Offer valid until 12/31/09

NEW Oncology Series by Dr. Ashley Davidoff, M.D.!

  • Oncology Series: Part 1- Introduction to Cancer (3 CE)
  • Carcinoma of the Breast (2.75 CE)


Coming Soon!


  • Liver Cancer




Available on Podcast

Three new tutorials are available online or in the podcast version under ASRT Authored Courses:


  • Bone Densitometry (Under Modality-specific)
  • Ultrasound Physics 101 (Under Modality-specific)
  • Pharmacology Basics (Under General Interest)

NEW Series by Dr. Ashley Davidoff, M.D.!

  • NEW! Clinical Strategies: Anatomy and Physiology of Pain (1.5 CE)
  • NEW! Clinical Strategies: Disease and Pain (2.75 CE) Clinical Strategies - Pelvic Pain (2 CE)
  • Clinical Strategies - Back Pain (2 CE)
  • Clinical Strategies - Chest Pain (2 CE)
  • Clinical Strategies - Acute Myocardial Infarction (1.5 CE)
  • Clinical Strategies - Neck Pain (1 CE)
  • Clinical Strategies - Abdominal Pain (1 CE)
  • Clinical Strategies - Headache (1 CE)

* Under Diseases and Conditions in the Course Catalog

Dr. Davidoff reviews in this comprehesive series the causes of pain, the characteristic clinical presentations, the general approach to management as well as the usual diagnostic algorithm, procedures and imaging studies that are performed. The courses begins with a review of the applied anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the body part.

NEW - 6 part Electrophysiology Series (under Cardiology)


1) Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology for the EP Lab (1 CE)
2) The Diagnostic EP Study - Part 1: Equipment & Basic Intervals (1.5 CE)
3) The Diagnostic EP Study - Part 2: EP Study Techniques (1.5 CE)
4) Atrial Flutter (1 CE)
5) Introduction to AV Node Ablation (0.5 CE)
6) An Introduction to PSVT: AV Node Reentry Tachycardia (1 CE)



Healthworks, Inc., is a private Healthcare Professional Practice Organization offering a variety of departmental Staffing/Outsourcing solutions, as well as Consultative and Educational Services in the areas of invasive and non-invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and specialty nursing. Founded in 1997, the company is headquartered in Douglassville, PA.

New Courses for Nursing by MedSenses!

  • MedSenses - Blood Gas Interpretation
  • MedSenses - Adult - Understanding Mechanical Ventilation
  • MedSenses - Adult Abdominal Assessment
  • MedSenses - Adult Respiratory Assessment
  • MedSenses - Adult - Understanding Electrolytes
  • MedSenses - Understanding IV Fluids
  • MedSenses - Pupil Assessment

* Under Nursing - Accredited Courses - Adult Physical Assessment


MedSenses, Inc. is an elite nursing content factory, focused on building courseware BY nurses FOR nurses. Having researched maximum learner retention strategies, we add custom design elements such as 3-D animations, medical illustrations, case scenarios, and clinical expertise - making all our courses come alive with color and interactivity.

The Philips Healthcare Learning Center is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Applied Anatomy Series

  • NEW Applied Anatomy of the Gallbladder (3 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Aorta (2.5 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Esophagus (2.5 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Lung-Part 2 (4 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Colon (4 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Pancreas (2.0 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Heart (2.5 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Breast ( 2.5 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Lung (3.0 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Liver (1 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Adrenal Glands (1 CE)
  • Applied Anatomy of the Great Veins (1.5 CE)

Utilizing multiple imaging modalities, these courses provide a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology and how to apply that knowledge within medical imaging. The learner will also gain an understanding of the more common pathological conditions and how those conditions affect the structure and function of the organ.

* Under Davidoff Applied Anatomy Courses

Plain and Simple Series

Explaining confusing technology in an easy to understand way that is what the new "Plain and Simple" Series is all about. Check it out:

  • Understanding PACS Plain and Simple (2 CE)
  • Medical Imaging Trends in Healthcare Plain and Simple (1.0 CE)
  • X-Ray Plain and Simple (1.5 CE)
  • PACS Plain and Simple (1.5 CE)
  • Medical Image Processing (1.0 CE)
  • DICOM Plain and Simple (1.0 CE)
  • CR and DR Plain and Simple (2.0 CE)

* Under Radiology - Department Topics