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Dental Professionals

This section is for Dental Healthcare Professionals

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Welcome to the Philips Learning Center. This website hosts an assortment of courses available to medical and dental professionals, and we hope that you will take advantage of our online educational center.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that will help you, the Dental Professional, navigate this site better and make earning your credits simple. Please click on the subject you are interested in below.

Preview Courses

Registration or Logging In

Course Catalog

Taking a Course

Receiving and Printing Your CE Credit Certificate

Preview courses

“I’m not sure if the Philips Learning Center has what I’m looking for. Can I preview the available courses before setting up an account?”


Dental Professionals may preview all the online course materials without logging in or registering.  All courses on the Philips Learning Center are available to you; however, the Dental Professional courses are dedicated to oral healthcare professional and are free. To view the Dental Professional courses offered, click the link in the left-hand navigation that says “Course Catalog.” Then scroll down the page and click on the section header that says “Dental Professional Courses.”

To take a course and/or to get a better view of all the courses within the Dental Professional section, you must register.


Registration or Logging In 
"I am a new user. How do I create an account on the Philips Learning Center website?”

If you are a first-time user of the Learning Center, you will need to click on the "Register" link to register and create a password. There is no charge to register; however, we need your demographic information to maintain your continuing education records and certificates.

“I am a returning user. How do I log into my account?”

If you are a returning user, please provide the email address and password that you used to register on this site, and then click “Log in.” When logged in, look for “My Learning Activities” on the left-hand navigation of the site to see what courses you’ve previously added to that section. Look for “My Account” to review courses you’ve taken, update contact information and view CE credit certificates

“What if I registered before but forgot my password?”

No problem. If you remember your email address that you used to register, please click “Forgot your password?” and enter that email address. Your password will be immediately sent to your email address. If you cannot remember what email address you used when you registered, please call 1-800-692-4295. Please do not register again!

Course Catalog
“Where is the Dental Professional course catalog?“
Once you are logged in, please click on “Course Catalog” in the left-hand navigation to browse all available courses. When you see the course categories listed on the main catalog page, scroll down and click on “Dental Professional Courses” to display the entire listing of courses dedicated to Dental Professionals.

You may also browse through the entire collection of courses, and you are welcome to take any of these courses as well; however, there might be some costs associated with courses that are not within the Dental Professional section.

“What do I do when I find a course of interest?”

By clicking on the course title in the catalog, you can read specifics about a particular course, including course descriptions, author's biography and the number of credits assigned. After you read the description of a free course for Dental Professionals, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Get It Now!” to add the course to your “My Learning Activities” page.


Taking a Course
“I’ve found a course and added it to “My Learning Activities.” Now how do I open and play the webinar?
Click on “My Learning Activities” in the left-hand navigation. When on this page, click the title of the course you want to take—this will take you to that course module’s home page. It is from this page that you will launch the webinar. (After viewing the entire webinar, you will also return to this page to take the assessment test for CE credit.)

To launch the webinar, click “Expand Outline” and then click on the course topic links that are displayed. When you see the first slide of the webinar, click that image to launch the webinar.

Receiving and Printing Your CE Credit Certificate

“I have completed the course. What do I do next?

Once the presentation is over, please note that there will be no emails sent to you. After the webinar, close your webinar window and go to the course module’s home page. On that page, look for the link to “assessment test.” Click that link and take the test. Once you completely the test successfully (you’ll have three tries) you will be asked to take a short survey about the course, and then the site will display your CE credit certificate. You may wish to print the certificate at this time, but remember that it will also be accessible within the “My Account” section of the website when you are logged in to the Philips Learning Center.