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Course: Health Information Technology - Informatics

Module: Monitoring & Evaluation 1.0: Remote Monitoring Onsite Applications

Module Description:

This e-learning module is intended for any Health Administrative Officers, Biomedical Engineers, Facility Managers and Device Managers, Service Manager and Support Staff (Laboratory Technicians or Pharmacists) who are typically present in a primary care facility.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, you should be able to understand:
• Recognize the challenges faced by Primary Health Care facilities
• Identify the role of the Remote Monitoring (RM) Solution in a typical Primary Health Care facility
• Explain how to view the list of devices associated with a Community Life Center (CLC)
• Outline the process of using the RM solution to modify the status of devices and infrastructure assets in Primary Health Care facilities
• Identify ways to address performance issues of biomedical devices or infrastructure assets with the RM solution
• Explain how to submit a maintenance request for a device or infrastructure asset using the RM solution

Author: Mr. ANKUR KAUL
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