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Course: Patient Monitoring and Resuscitation

Module: Module 26: X3/MX100 Overview

Module Description: This e-learning contains an overview of the connectors and the basic operation of the MX100 and X3 patient monitor. This module will take at least 60 minutes to complete.

1. Identify the difference between MX100 and X3 and their indication for use.
2. Identify the connectors of the MX100/X3 patient monitor.
3. Describe the devices that can be connected to an MX100/X3 during transport or to enhance patient monitoring.
4. Describe the Auto Screen Rotation feature.
5. Describe swiping and tapping operation of the monitor.
6. Explain the functions of the permanent keys.
7. Explain how to silence alarms, and how to enter Alarms Pause (Alarms Off).
8. Describe how to setup dual pressure at the monitor.

Author: Mrs. ANJA VETTER
About the author: Learning Products Engineer
Sponsor and/or Accreditation: Philips Healthcare (Not Accredited)
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