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Course: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Product Training (International)

Module: Workflow Navigator for Philips Ingenia CX and Achieva dStream, Release 5.4 (International)

Module Description:
Audience: MR Technologists
Learn about your Philips Ingenia CX and Achieva dStream, Release 5.4 system by reading the interactive articles and practicing system tasks in the eTutorials. This course provides learning organized in the examination workflow.

This learning content is developed for customers using Philips MRI systems outside the USA. Similar training is available for customers in the USA.

This learning content was designed for Philips Ingenia CX and Achieva dStream customers who are using Release 5.4. Similar training is available for Ingenia, Ingenia 1.5T S, Ingenia Prodiva, and Multiva customers. Be sure to select the learning program for your system and release.
To determine the Philips MRI system you are using:
1. On the operator console, from the main menu bar, click Help.
2. Click About…
The product name displays with other system information.

To determine which software release you are using:
1. On the operator console click Start> All programs.
2. Click MR User > Diagnostics > About installed software.

Author: MRTRM B.V.
About the author: MRTRM is a Dutch company professionalized in training development and creation. Throughout the past of more than 25-years of MRI, MRTRM gathered many years of experience in
1. being MR operators as customers;
2. performing customer trainings as application specialists;
3. educating internal staff who then educate and serve customers;
4. teaching trainers of the global group, train the trainers as instructors; and
5. developing learning strategies and creating learning modules to accommodate for different target groups and knowledge levels.

This experience enables the strength of MRTRM to identify and create along the needs of different target groups. In addition to the training creation and consultancy function, not limited to MRI, MRTRM offers services in:
• Knowledge Management & Collaboration;
• Assessment & Report; and
• Surveys.
You can find more information about MRTRM on

Sponsor and/or Accreditation: Philips Healthcare (Not Accredited)
Credits: 0.00
Price: $0.00

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