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Course: Philips Hospital Respiratory Care

Module: Strategies to Reduce Skin Breakdown During NIV

Module Description:
This course provides strategies to reduce the potential of skin breakdown associated with mask ventilation. This course will assist the clinician in understanding the complications of NIV, how to fully assess their patient before and during NIV, and tips on wound care reduction.

• NIV Complications
• Patient Assessment
• Wound Reduction
• Education

Course objectives:
1. Identify potential risks for skin breakdown
2. Analyze best practices for improving patient care for reducing skin breakdown,
3. Discuss the importance of patient assessment and documentation
4. Describe mask-fitting strategies
5. Discuss how a mask rotation protocol can help reduce skin breakdown.

Audience: Bedside Clinicians, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Nurses, Ventilation Specialist and Physicians

About the author: Edwina is the Sr. Clinical Education Manager at Philips Healthcare, where she provides clinical expertise in the development of educational programs for the Hospital Respiratory Care. Previously held positions supporting marketing programs and sales support in the Mother & Child Care business driving educational programs for the neonatal care environment in respiratory and developmental care. Before joining Philips, Edwina held a clinical role as a Respiratory Care Practitioner, where she practiced in both hospital and homecare settings, caring for all patient populations. Over the years, Edwina has been a primary clinical instructor, Co-Chair for various educational conference committees, as well as awarded many sales accolades for top performance.