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Course: Cardiology, College of Radiographers CPD Endorsed - General

Module: Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

Module Description: Audience: Any health care professional interested in learning cardiovascular hemodynamics.
Prerequisites: None
This lecture is offered for professionals with a basic understanding of cardiac anatomy. This course offers a basic review of the waveform components for all types of chambers, assessment of the chambers, normal values and abnormal values of the chambers. Attention will be paid to morphologies, gradients, and calculations in this hemodynamics course. The various calculations discussed will focus on Fick cardiac output, Gorlin Valve formula, Shunts, and vascular resistances both systemically and pulmonary. This is a good course for any person working with cardiac patients where pressures will be monitored and interpreted. Author: Toby J. Cullen

Learning Objectives
* Define the basic anatomy of the heart.
* Identify the valves located within the heart.
* Describe the physiology of muscular contraction.
* Describe the cardiac pressures of the various heart chambers.
* Identify waveform components for all cardiac chambers.
* Identify waveform pullbacks as it relates to cardiac chambers.

Author: Healthworks Inc
About the author: Healthworks, Inc., is a private Healthcare Professional Practice Organization offering a variety of departmental Staffing/Outsourcing solutions, as well as Consultative and Educational Services in the areas of invasive and non-invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and specialty nursing. Founded in 1997, the company is headquartered in Douglassville, PA.

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