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Course Listing: Compliance and Safety Training
Compliance and Safety Training

Text with images.   Aseptic Technique and OR Protocol

ASRT Category A+1.50 credits 

Text with MultiMedia   Domestic Violence

ASRT2.00 credits 

Text with MultiMedia   HIV/AIDS: Clinical Management and Treatment Protocols

ASRT Category A+1.50 credits 
ISRRT1.50 credits 

Podcast   HIV/AIDS: Co-Infections and Opportunistic Infections

ASRT Category A+1.50 credits 
ISRRT1.50 credits 

Text with MultiMedia   HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Transmission, and Exposure Support

ASRT0.50 credits 
ISRRT0.50 credits 

Text with images.   National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG)

ASRT Category A+1.50 credits 


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