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Course Listing: Radiation Physics & Safety
Radiation Physics & Safety

Text with images.   Fluoroscopy: Mobile Unit Operation and Safety

ASRT Category A+2.50 credits 

Text with images.   Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection and Safety

ASRT Category A+2.75 credits 

Text with images.   Fluoroscopy: Radiation Protection of the Eye

ASRT Category A+3.00 credits 

Text with images.   Fluoroscopy: Regulation and Radiation Protection

ASRT Category A+1.50 credits 

Text with images.   Notes on Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety

ASRT2.00 credits 
ISRRT2.00 credits 

Text with MultiMedia   Radiation Protection in Radiation Therapy

ASRT1.50 credits 

WebCast using Real and Windows Media.   Radiation Safety for Diagnostic Radiographic Imaging Plain and Simple

ASRT Category A+1.50 credits 
ISRRT1.50 credits 

Text with images.   Radiation Safety in the Operating Room

ASRT0.50 credits 
ISRRT0.50 credits 


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