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The Philips Learning Center offers flexible, continuing education (CE), designed around you and the changing needs of your department or facility. Hundreds of online CE-approved learning activities provide the variety, quality, and depth of learning that you need, regardless of clinical focus or departmental role.

Online courses are available for nurses, radiologic technologists, sonographers, and other healthcare professionals—with 95% participant satisfaction.


Simplify your staff's learning needs by purchasing online Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in bulk at reduced prices. Maintain an account and distribute online education to the healthcare professionals at your facility using your unique Site ID. All CEUs are redeemed from our extensive online catalog of courses (click here to see the variety and depth of subjects).

Retail price for CEUs is $20.00; the more you buy, the more you save!

Retail price 10 to 24 CEUs $20.00 per CEU
Level 1 Pricing 25 to 49 $15.00 per CEU
Level 2 Pricing 50 to 99 $13.00 per CEU
Level 3 Pricing 100 or more $11.00 per CEU
Online Education Account Benefits – education account manager:
  • View CEU program usage online anytime and anywhere
  • Manage the CE program for your department or facility
  • Track team progress
  • Print learner reports
  • Receive monthly account notifications
  • Take advantage of your CEU account for up to three years
Online Education Account Benefits – participants:
  • Choose from hundreds of online CE-approved learning activities-draw from your facility's bank of credits
  • Receive multiple certificates for courses approved for multiple certifications
  • Receive monthly notices about account status
  • Track purchased and completed courses
  • Take assessment tests up to three times (depending on the rules of the CE approver)
  • Access earned certificates with your personal, detailed CE report
  • Receive notices 30 days and seven days prior to a learning activity's expiration
  • Retrieve your certificates online for four years
  • Review content and completed tests for two years