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Course: Computed Tomography

Module: CT06: CT Post Processing

Module Description: Audience: All medical professionals interested in learning about CT.
Prerequisites: It is suggested that you follow the order of the series.
This audio-visual/webcast presentation provided by Philips Medical Systems Clinical Education Department provides an overview of CT Post Processing including a review of CT image acquisition for isotropic acquisitions and filtered acquisitions, basic tasks like Window/Level and ROI, CT numbers and the Hounsfield Scale, and Advanced Post Processing techniques like MPR, MIP, Shaded Surface Display, Volume Rendering and reformats for Perfusion Imaging. This presentation is given by Wilbur Reddinger, M.S., R.T., (R), (CT).

Learning Objectives
* To understand the differences between conventional & digital imaging
* To learn about the various components of the computers used in imaging
* To understand the hardware and software components of the CT imager
* To learn how CT image data is reconstructed
* To understand relationships of computer system components
* To learn about hardware & software is related to image manipulation
* To understand various mechanism for image storage

Author: Philips Clinical Education
About the author: Philips Medical Systems Clinical Education Department provides customized training for users of Philips Medical equipment.

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